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To Select Multiple Paragraphs
The next formatting step in creating the fl yer is to increase the font size of the characters between the headline
and the signature line so that they are easier to read from a distance. To change the font size of the characters in
multiple lines, you fi rst must select all the lines to be formatted. The following steps select multiple lines.
Move the mouse
pointer to the left of
the fi rst paragraph
to be selected until
the mouse pointer
changes to a
rightpointing block arrow
(Figure 1–43).
Font box displays
font of selected text,
which is Copperplate
Gothic Bold
font changed
to Copperplate
Gothic Bold
font size of text
in these lines to
be changed
Figure 1–43
Drag downward to
select all lines that
will be formatted
(Figure 1–44).
text to be
is selected
How do I drag the
Dragging is the
process of holding
down the mouse
button while moving
the mouse and then
releasing the mouse
Figure 1–44
Other Ways
1. With insertion point at
beginning of desired
line, press SHIFT + DOWN
ARROW repeatedly until
all lines are selected
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