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To Bullet a List of Paragraphs
The next step is to format the three important points above the signature line in the fl yer as a bulleted list.
A bulleted list is a series of paragraphs, each beginning with a bullet character. The three lines each end with a
paragraph mark because you pressed the ENTER key at the end of each line. Thus, these three lines actually are three
separate paragraphs.
To format a list of paragraphs with bullets, you fi rst must select all the lines in the paragraphs. The following
steps bullet a list of paragraphs.
Move the mouse
pointer to the left of
the fi rst paragraph
to be selected until
the mouse pointer
changes to a
rightpointing block arrow.
Home tab
Drag downward until
all paragraphs (lines)
that will be formatted
with a bullet character
are selected.
Click the Bullets button
on the Home tab to
place a bullet character
at the beginning
of each selected
(Figure 1–46).
How do I remove
bullets from a list or
Select the list or
paragraph and
click the Bullets
button again.
formatted as
bulleted list
Figure 1–46
Other Ways
1. Right-click selected
paragraphs, click Bullets
button on Mini toolbar
2. Right-click selected
paragraphs, point to Bullets
on shortcut menu, click
desired bullet style
To Undo and Redo an Action
Word provides a means of canceling your recent command(s) or action(s). For example, if you format text
incorrectly, you can undo the format and try it again. When you point to the Undo button, Word displays the action
you can undo as part of the ScreenTip.
If, after you undo an action, you decide you did not want to perform the undo, you can redo the undone
action. Word does not allow you to undo or redo some actions, such as saving or printing a document. The next
steps undo the bullet format just applied and then redo the bullet format.
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