Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Undo button
Redo button
Click the Undo button
on the Quick Access
Toolbar to remove
the bullets from the
selected paragraphs
(Figure 1–47).
clicking the Undo button
arrow displays a series
of prior actions you can
drag through to undo
Click the Redo button
on the Quick Access
Toolbar to place a
bullet character at
the beginning of each
selected paragraph
again (shown in
Figure 1–46).
bullet format
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + Z ; press
Figure 1–47
To Select a Group of Words
To emphasize the types of riding lessons, Western and English, these words are bold in the fl yer. To format a
group of words, you fi rst must select them. The following steps select a group of words.
Position the mouse pointer
immediately to the left of the fi rst
character of the text to be selected,
in this case, the W in Western
(Figure 1–48).
Why did the shape of the mouse
pointer change?
The mouse pointer’s shape is
an I-beam when positioned in
unselected text in the document
mouse pointer
(I-beam) at
beginning of
text to select
Figure 1–48
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