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To Italicize Text
To further emphasize the signature line, this line is italicized in the fl yer. Italicized text has a slanted appearance.
The following steps select the text and then italicize it.
Home tab
Point to the left of the
line to be selected (in
this case, the signature
line) and click when
the mouse pointer
is a right-pointing
block arrow.
Italic button
is selected
boxes and selected buttons
in Font, Paragraph,
and Styles groups show
formatting assigned to text
at location of insertion point
Click the Italic button
on the Home tab
to italicize the
selected text.
Click inside the
selected text to
remove the selection
(Figure 1–52).
when you click in the
document, Word positions
the insertion point at the
location you clicked and
removes any selection
from the screen
How would I remove
an italic format?
You would click the
Italic button a second
time, or you
immediately could click the
Undo button on the
Quick Access Toolbar.
Figure 1–52
How can I tell what
formatting has been
applied to text?
The selected buttons and boxes on the Home tab show formatting characteristics of the
location of the insertion point. With the insertion point in the signature line, the Home
tab shows these formats: 18-point Cambria bold italic font, centered paragraph, and
Heading 2 style.
Other Ways
1. Click Italic button on
Mini toolbar
2. Right-click selected text,
click Font on shortcut
menu, click Font tab,
click Italic in Font style
list, click OK button
3. Click Font Dialog Box
Launcher, click Font tab,
click Italic in Font style
list, click OK button
4. Press CTRL+I
Document Formats
One advantage of using styles to format text is that you easily can change the formats
of styles and themes in your document to give it a different or new look. Recall that a style
is a named group of formatting characteristics and a theme is a set of unifi ed formats for
fonts, colors, and graphics. In Word, you can change the style set, theme colors, and
theme fonts.
• The predefi ned styles in the Styles gallery, such as Heading 1 and Heading 2, each
known as a Quick Style , are part of a style set. A style set consists of a group of
frequently used styles formatted so they look pleasing when used together. When
you change the style set, formats assigned to each Quick Style also change.
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