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Point to Style Set on
the Change Styles
menu to display the
Style Set gallery.
Style Set
style set
Point to Modern in
the Style Set gallery
to display a live
preview of the formats
associated with the
Modern style set
(Figure 1–54).
pointer on
Style Set
Point to various style
sets in the Style Set
gallery and watch
the formats of the
styled text change
in the document
formats of styles in
document change to
Modern, showing a
live preview of style
set to which you are
pointing in gallery
Click Modern in the
Style Set gallery to
change the
document style set to
What if I want to
return to the
original style set?
You would click the Change Styles button, click Style Set on the Change Styles menu, and
then click Default in the Style Set gallery, or you could click the Undo button on the Quick
Access Toolbar.
Figure 1–54
Style Formats
To see the formats assigned to a
particular style in a document,
click the Styles Dialog Box
Launcher on the Home tab and
then click the Style Inspector
button in the Styles task pane.
Position the insertion point in
the style and then point to the
Paragraph formatting or Text
level formatting areas in the
Style Inspector task pane to
display an Enhanced ScreenTip
describing formats assigned to
the location of the insertion
point. You also can click the
Reveal Formatting button in the
Style Inspector to display the
Reveal Formatting task pane.
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