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If you previously changed a font using buttons on the Ribbon or Mini toolbar, Word will not alter those when
you change the font set because changes to the font set are not applied to fonts changed individually. This means the
font headline in the fl yer will stay as Copperplate Gothic Bold when you change the font set. The following steps
change the font set to Foundry.
Change Styles
Click the Change
Styles button on the
Home tab.
Point to Fonts on the
Change Styles menu
to display the Fonts
font of headline
pointer on
font set
Scroll through the
Fonts gallery until
Foundry is displayed
and then point to
Foundry to display a
live preview of the
Foundry font set
(Figure 1–56).
fonts in document
change to Foundry,
showing a live
preview of font set
to which you are
pointing in gallery
Fonts gallery
Point to various font
sets in the Fonts
gallery and watch the
fonts below the
headline change
in the document
Figure 1–56
Click Foundry in the Fonts gallery to change the document theme fonts to Foundry.
What if I want to return to the original font set?
You would click the Change Styles button, click Fonts on the Change Styles menu, and then
click Offi ce in the Fonts gallery.
Other Ways
1. Click Theme Fonts
button arrow on Page
Layout tab, select
desired font set
Inserting and Formatting a Picture in a Word
With the text formatted in the fl yer, the next step is to insert a picture in the fl yer and
format the picture. Flyers usually contain graphical images, such as a picture, to attract the
attention of passersby.
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