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Find the appropriate graphical image.
To use graphical images, also called graphics, in a Word document, the image must be stored
digitally in a fi le. Files containing graphical images are available from a variety of sources:
Word includes a collection of predefi ned graphical images that you can insert in a
Microsoft has free digital images on the Web for use in a document. Other Web sites also
have images available, some of which are free, while others require a fee.
You can take a picture with a digital camera and download it, which is the process of
copying the digital picture from the camera to your computer.
With a scanner, you can convert a printed picture, drawing, or diagram to a digital fi le.
If you receive a picture from a source other than yourself, do not use the fi le until you
are certain it does not contain a virus. A virus is a computer program that can damage fi les
and programs on your computer. Use an antivirus program to verify that any fi les you use
are virus free.
Establish where to position and how to format the graphical image.
The content, size, shape, position, and format of a graphic should capture the interest of
passersby, enticing them to stop and read the fl yer. Often, the graphic is the center of
attraction and visually the largest element on a fl yer. If you use colors in the graphical
image, be sure they are part of the document’s color scheme.
To Insert a Picture
The next step in creating the fl yer is to insert the picture of the horse and rider so that it is centered on the
blank line above the bulleted list. The picture, which was taken with a digital camera, is available on the Data Files
for Students. See the inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the Data Files for Students, or
contact your instructor for information on accessing the required fi les. The following steps insert a centered picture,
which, in this example, is located on the same USB fl ash drive that contains the saved fl yer.
Insert tab
To position the
insertion point where
you want the picture
to be located, press
then press the DOWN
ARROW key four times.
Click the Center
button on the Home
tab to center the
paragraph that will
contain the picture.
groups on Ribbon
change to show
commands related to
inserting, because Insert
tab now is the active tab
point and
Click Insert on the
Ribbon to display the
Insert tab (Figure 1–57).
picture will be
inserted on
this blank line
Figure 1–57
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