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To Change a Picture Border Color
The fl yer in this chapter has a tan border around the picture. Earlier in this chapter, you changed the color
scheme to Aspect. To coordinate the border color with the other colors in the document, you will use a shade of
tan in Aspect color scheme for the picture border. Any color galleries you display show colors defi ned in this current
color scheme. The following steps change the picture border color.
Click the Picture Border button on
the Format tab to display the Picture
Border gallery.
What if the Picture Tools and
Format tabs no longer are displayed
on my Ribbon?
Double-click the picture to display
the Picture Tools and Format tabs.
colors in
Aspect color
mouse pointer on
Tan, Background
2 color
Point to Tan, Background 2 (third
theme color from left in the fi rst
row) in the Picture Border gallery to
display a live preview of that border
color on the picture (Figure 1–62).
Point to various colors in the Picture
Border gallery and watch the border
color on the picture change in the
document window.
border color changes
to Tan, Background 2,
showing a live preview
of color to which you
are pointing in gallery
Click Tan, Background 2 in the
Picture Styles gallery to change the
picture border color.
Figure 1–62
To Zoom the Document
The next step in formatting the picture is to resize it. Specifi cally, you will increase the size of the picture. You
do not want it so large, however, that it causes the fl yer text to fl ow to a second page. You can change the zoom so
that you can see the entire document on the screen at once. Seeing the entire document at once helps you determine
the appropriate size of the picture. The steps on the next page zoom the document.
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