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Document properties are valuable for a variety of reasons:
• Users can save time locating a particular fi le because they can view a document’s
properties without opening the document.
• By creating consistent properties for fi les having similar content, users can better
organize their documents.
• Some organizations require Word users to add document properties so that other
employees can view details about these fi les.
Five different types of document properties exist, but the more common ones used
in this topic are standard and automatically updated properties. Standard properties
are associated with all Microsoft Offi ce documents and include author, title, and subject.
Automatically updated properties include fi le system properties, such as the date you
create or change a fi le, and statistics, such as the fi le size.
Printing Document
To print document
properties, click the
Offi ce Button to display
the Offi ce Button menu,
point to Print on the
Offi ce Button menu to
display the Print submenu,
click Print on the Print
submenu to display the
Print dialog box, click the
Print what box arrow,
click Document properties
to instruct Word to print
the document properties
instead of the document,
and then click the
OK button.
To Change Document Properties
The Document Information Panel contains areas where you can view and enter document properties. You
can view and change information in this panel at any time while you are creating a document. Before saving the
fl yer again, you want to add your name and course information as document properties. The following steps use the
Document Information Panel to change document properties.
Offi ce
Click the
Offi ce Button to
display the Offi ce
Button menu.
clicking Properties
command will open
the Document
Information Panel
Point to Prepare on
the Offi ce
menu to
the Prepare
submenu (Figure 1–72).
to 24 pt
Offi ce
Prepare submenu
displays a list of tasks
that can be used
to prepare fi les for
What other types
of actions besides
changing properties
can you take to
prepare a document
for distribution?
The Prepare submenu
provides commands
related to sharing a
document with others,
such as allowing or
restricting people to
view and modify your
document, checking to
see if your document
will open in earlier
versions of Word, and
searching for hidden
personal information.
space increased
below paragraph
to 100%
Figure 1–72
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