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To Save an Existing Document with the Same File Name
Saving frequently cannot be overemphasized. You have made several modifi cations to the document since you
saved it earlier in the chapter. When you fi rst saved the document, you clicked the Save button on the Quick Access
Toolbar, the Save As dialog box appeared, and you entered the fi le name, Horseback Riding Lessons Flyer. If you
want to use the same fi le name to save the changes made to the document, you again click the Save button on the
Quick Access Toolbar. The following step saves the document again.
Click the Save button on the Quick
Access Toolbar to overwrite the
previous Horseback Riding Lessons
Flyer fi le on the USB fl ash drive
(Figure 1–75).
Save button
Word saved
document with same
fi le name, Horseback
Riding Lessons Flyer
Why did the Save As dialog box not
Word overwrites the document
using the settings specifi ed the fi rst
time you saved the document. To
save the fi le with a different fi le
name or on different media, display
the Save As dialog box by clicking
the Offi ce Button and then clicking
Save As on the Offi ce Button menu.
Then, fi ll in the Save As dialog box
as described in Steps 2 through 5 on
pages WD 20 and WD 21.
Figure 1–75
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL+S or press
SHIFT+F12, press ENTER
Printing a Document
Conserving Ink and
You can instruct Word
to print draft quality
documents to conserve
ink or toner by clicking
the Offi ce Button, clicking
the Word Options button,
clicking Advanced in the
left pane of the Word
Options dialog box,
scrolling to the Print area,
placing a check mark in
the ‘Use draft quality’
check box, and then
clicking the OK button. To
print the document with
these settings, click the
Offi ce Button, point
to Print, and then click
Quick Print.
After you create a document, you often want to print it. A printed version of the
document is called a hard copy or printout .
Printed copies of your document can be useful for the following reasons:
• Many people prefer proofreading a hard copy of the document rather than viewing it
on the screen to check for errors and readability.
• Hard copies can serve as reference material if your storage medium is lost or becomes
corrupted and you need to re-create the document.
It is a good practice to save a document before printing it, in the event you
experience diffi culties with the printer.
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