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To Print a Document
With the completed document saved, you may want to print it. The following steps print the contents of the
saved Horseback Riding Lessons Flyer project.
Offi ce
Click the Offi ce Button
to display the Offi ce
Button menu.
Quick Print
command prints
document on
default printer
Point to Print on the
Offi ce Button menu
to display the
Print submenu
(Figure 1–76).
Print submenu
displays a list of
tasks related to
printing documents
Offi ce
Figure 1–76
Click Quick Print on the Print
submenu to print the document.
When the printer stops, retrieve the
hard copy of the Horseback Riding
Lessons Flyer (Figures 1–77).
How can I print multiple copies of
my document other than issuing the
Quick Print command twice?
Click the Offi ce Button, point to
Print on the Offi ce Button menu,
click Print on the Print submenu,
increase the number in the Number
of copies box, and then click the
OK button.
Do I have to wait until my document
is complete to print it?
No, you can follow these steps to
print a document at any time while
you are creating it.
Figure 1–77
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL+P,
press ENTER
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