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Quitting Word
Printed Borders
If one or more of your
borders do not print, click
the Page Borders button
on the Page Layout tab,
click the Options button
in the dialog box, click
the Measure from box
arrow and click Text,
change the four text
boxes to 15 pt, and then
click the OK button in
each dialog box. Try
printing the document
again. If the borders still
do not print, adjust the
text boxes in the dialog
box to a number smaller
than 15 point.
If you save a document and then quit Word, all Word windows close. If you have made
changes to a document since the last time the fi le was saved, Word displays a dialog box
asking if you want to save the changes you made to the fi le before it closes that window.
The dialog box contains three buttons with these resulting actions:
• Yes button — Saves the changes and then quits Word
• No button — Quits Word without saving changes
• Cancel button — Closes the dialog box and redisplays the document without saving
the changes
If no changes have been made to an open document since the last time the fi le was
saved, Word will close all windows without displaying any dialog boxes.
To Quit Word
You saved the document prior to printing and did not make any changes to the project. The Horseback Riding
Lessons Flyer project now is complete, and you are ready to quit Word. The following steps quit Word.
Point to the Close button on the
right side of the Word title bar
(Figure 1–78).
Close button
Click the Close button to quit Word.
Figure 1–78
Other Ways
1. Double-click Offi ce
2. Click Offi ce Button, click
Exit Word on Offi ce
Button menu
3. Right-click Microsoft
Word button on
Windows taskbar,
click Close on
shortcut menu
4. Press ALT+F4
Starting Word and Opening a Document
Once you have created and saved a document, you may need to retrieve it from your
storage medium. For example, you might want to revise the document or reprint it.
Opening a document requires that Word is running on your computer.
To Start Word
The following steps, which assume Windows is running, start Word.
Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar to display the Start menu.
Point to All Programs on the Start menu to display the All Programs submenu and then
point to Microsoft Offi ce on the All Programs submenu to display the Microsoft Offi ce
Click Microsoft Offi ce Word 2007 on the Microsoft Offi ce submenu to start Word and
display a new blank document in the Word window.
If the Word window is not maximized, click the Maximize button on its title bar to
maximize the window.
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