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To Open a Document from Word
Earlier in this chapter you saved your project on a USB fl ash drive using the fi le name, Horseback Riding
Lessons Flyer. The following steps open the Horseback Riding Lessons Flyer fi le from the USB fl ash drive.
With your USB fl ash drive connected
to one of the computer’s USB ports,
click the Offi ce Button to display the
Offi ce Button menu (Figure 1–79).
What fi les are shown in the Recent
Documents list?
Word displays, by default, the nine
most recently opened
document fi le names
in this list. If the name
of the fi le you want to
open appears in the
Recent Documents list, you could
click it to open the fi le.
Offi ce
blank Document1
opened in
Microsoft Word
Recent Documents
list displays
names of recently
opened Word fi les
Offi ce
Figure 1–79
dialog box
Click Open on the Offi ce Button
menu to display the Open
dialog box.
USB fl ash drive
is selected
If necessary, click the Look in box
arrow and then click UDISK 2.0 (E:)
to select the USB fl ash drive, Drive E
in this case, in the Look in list as the
new open location.
Look in
box arrow
fi le
Click Horseback Riding Lessons Flyer
to select the fi le name (Figure 1–80).
How do I open the fi le if I am not
using a USB fl ash drive?
Use the same process, but be
certain to select your device in the
Look in list.
Open button
Figure 1–80
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