Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Click the Open button
to open the selected
fi le and display the
Horseback Riding
Lessons Flyer document
in the Word window
(Figure 1–81).
fl yer appears
in document
title of saved
document is
displayed on
title bar
Why is the Word icon
and document name
on the Windows
When you open a
Word fi le, a Word
program button is
displayed on the
taskbar. The button in
Figure 1–81 contains
an ellipsis because
some of its contents
do not fi t in the
allotted button space. If
you point to a
program button, its entire
contents appear in a
ScreenTip, which in
this case would be the
fi le name followed by
the program name.
Word program
button is
displayed on
Windows taskbar
Figure 1–81
Other Ways
1. Click Offi ce Button,
double-click fi le name
in Recent Documents
2. Press CTRL+O, select fi le
name, press ENTER
Correcting Errors
After creating a document, you often will fi nd you must make changes to it. For example,
the document may contain an error, or new circumstances may require you to add text to
the document.
Types of Changes Made to Documents
The types of changes made to documents normally fall into one of the three
following categories: additions, deletions, or modifi cations.
Additions Additional words, sentences, or paragraphs may be required in a document.
Additions occur when you omit text from a document and want to insert it later. For
example, additional types of riding lessons may be offered.
Print Preview
You can preview a
document before
printing it by clicking the
Offi ce Button, pointing
to Print, and then clicking
Print Preview. When
fi nished previewing the
document, click the Close
Print Preview button.
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