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Deleting Text from an Existing Document
It is not unusual to type incorrect characters or words in a document. As discussed
earlier in this chapter, you can click the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar to
immediately undo a command or action — this includes typing. Word also provides other
methods of correcting typing errors.
To delete an incorrect character in a document, simply click next to the incorrect
character and then press the BACKSPACE key to erase to the left of the insertion point, or
press the DELETE key to erase to the right of the insertion point.
To Select a Word and Delete It
To delete a word or phrase, you fi rst must select the word or phrase. The following steps select the word,
various, that was just added in the previous steps and then delete the selection.
Position the mouse pointer
somewhere in the word to be
selected (in this case, various), as
shown in Figure 1–84.
pointer in
word to be
Figure 1–84
Double-click the word to select it
(Figure 1–85).
With the text selected, press the
DELETE key to delete the selected
text (shown in Figure 1–82).
text to be
deleted is
Figure 1–85
Closing the Entire Document
Sometimes, everything goes wrong. If this happens, you may want to close the
document entirely and start over with a new document. You also may want to close a
document when you are fi nished with it so you can begin your next document. If you
wanted to close a document, you would use the steps on the next page.
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