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Apply Your Knowledge continued
11. Underline the word, and, in the fi rst bulleted paragraph.
12. Italicize the text in the signature line.
13. Change the theme colors to the Civic color scheme.
14. Change the theme fonts to the Opulent font set.
15. Change the zoom to 50 percent so the entire page is visible in the document window.
16. Change the spacing before the headline paragraph to 0 point. Change the spacing after the
headline paragraph to 12 point.
17. Insert the picture of the combine centered on the blank line above the bulleted list. The picture is called
Fall Harvest and is available on the Data Files for Students. Apply the Snip Diagonal Corner, White
picture style to the inserted picture. Change the color of the picture border to Orange, Accent 6.
18. The entire fl yer now should fi t on a single page. If it fl ows to two pages, resize the picture or
decrease spacing before and after paragraphs until the entire fl yer text fi ts on a single page.
19. Change the document
properties, as specifi ed by
your instructor.
20. Click the Offi ce Button
and then click Save As.
Save the document using
the fi le name, Apply
1-1 Autumn Fest Flyer
21. Submit the revised
document, shown in
Figure 1–89, in the
format specifi ed by your
Heading 1 style; 48-point
Cooper Black font;
centered; spacing before
0 pt; spacing after 12 pt
Civic theme colors;
Opulent theme fonts
Snip Diagonal
Corner, White
picture style;
Accent 6
picture border
22-point font size
Heading 2 style;
28-point font size;
centered; italicized
bulleted list
Figure 1–89
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