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Lab 2: Creating a Flyer with a Picture and a Border
Problem: Your boss at Danvers Nursery has asked you to prepare a fl yer that promotes its expanded
greenhouses and grounds. You prepare the fl yer shown in Figure 1–93. Hint: Remember, if you make
a mistake while formatting the fl yer, you can click the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar to
undo your last action.
Instructions: Perform the following tasks:
1. Display formatting marks on the screen.
2. Type the fl yer text, unformatted. If Word fl ags any misspelled words as you type, check the spelling
of these words and correct them.
3. Save the document on a USB fl ash drive using the fi le name, Lab 1-2 Nursery Expansion Flyer.
Traditional style set;
Solstice theme colors;
Flow theme fonts
Heading 1 style; 48-point
Arial Rounded MT Bold
font; centered; spacing
before to be 0 pt
24 point
Soft Edge Oval
picture style
22-point font size
bulleted list
Heading 2 style;
28-point font
size; centered
Figure 1–93
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