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WD 82
Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
To Insert a Page Number
The next task is to insert the current page number in the header. The following steps insert a page number at
the location of the insertion point.
Click the Insert Page
Number button on
the Design tab to
display the Insert
Page Number menu.
Insert Page
Design tab
Bubble height
One line bubbles - 1p1
Two-line bubbles - 1p8
Three-line bubbles - 2p3
Four-line bubbles - 2p10
Position gallery
Point to Current
Position on the
Insert Page Number
menu to display the
Current Position
gallery (Figure 2–7).
last name
Plain Number
to be selected
insertion point
Insert Page
Number menu
clicking the down scroll
arrow displays more
page number formats
Figure 2–7
Click the down scroll arrow in the
Current Position gallery to see the
available page number formats.
Close Header and
Footer button
If necessary, scroll to the top of
the Current Position gallery. Click
Plain Number in the Current
Position gallery to insert an
unformatted page number at the
location of the insertion point
(Figure 2–8).
page number
inserted at location
of insertion point
Figure 2–8
Other Ways
1. Click Insert Page Number
button on Insert tab
2. Click Quick Parts button
on Insert tab or on Design
tab on Header & Footer Tools
tab, click Field on Quick Parts
menu, select Page in Field
names list, click OK button
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