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Typing the Research Paper Text WD 91
Click the OK button to create the
new Quick Style and add it to the
Styles gallery (Figure 2–20).
How can I see the formats
assigned to a Quick Style?
Click the Styles Dialog Box Launcher.
When the Styles task pane appears,
position the mouse pointer on any
style to display its formats. When
fi nished, click the Close button in
the task pane.
Research Paper
Paragraphs Quick Style
added to Styles gallery
Styles Dialog Box
Figure 2–20
Other Ways
1. Click More button in Styles
gallery on Home tab, click
Save Selection as a New
Quick Style, enter name
of new Quick Style, click
OK button
To AutoCorrect as You Type
As you type, you may make typing, spelling, capitalization, or grammar errors. For this reason, Word provides
an AutoCorrect feature that automatically corrects these kinds of errors as you type them in the document. For
example, if you type the text ahve, Word automatically changes it to the correct spelling, have, when you press the
SPACEBAR or a punctuation mark key such as a period or comma.
Word has predefi ned many commonly misspelled words, which it automatically corrects for you. In the following
steps, the word wireless is misspelled intentionally as wreless to illustrate the AutoCorrect as you type feature.
Press CTRL + END to move the
insertion point to the end of the
Press the SPACEBAR .
Type the beginning of the next
sentence, misspelling the word,
wireless, as follows: Three types
of wireless communications
include wireless messaging
services, wreless (Figure 2–21).
beginning of
sentence entered
insertion point
immediately follows
last character in
misspelled word
misspelled word
Figure 2–21
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