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WD 92
Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
Press the SPACEBAR and watch
how Word automatically corrects
the misspelled word.
Type the rest of the sentence
(Figure 2–22): Internet access
points, and global
positioning systems.
as soon as you press the
SPACEBAR, Word detects
the misspelling and corrects
the misspelled word
rest of sentence
Figure 2–22
To Use the AutoCorrect Options Button
When you position the mouse pointer on text that Word automatically corrected, a small blue box appears
below the text. If you point to the small blue box, Word displays the AutoCorrect Options button. When you
click the AutoCorrect Options button , Word displays a menu that allows you to undo a correction or change
how Word handles future automatic corrections of this type. The following steps illustrate the AutoCorrect
Options button and menu.
Position the mouse pointer in
the text automatically corrected
by Word (in this case, the word
wireless) to display a small blue
box below the automatically
corrected word (Figure 2–23).
clicking the small blue box
will display the AutoCorrect
Options button
mouse pointer is
in automatically
corrected text
Figure 2–23
Point to the small blue box to
display the AutoCorrect Options
Options menu
Options button
Click the AutoCorrect Options
button to display the AutoCorrect
Options menu (Figure 2–24).
clicking this command
will display the
AutoCorrect dialog box
Press the ESCAPE key to remove
the AutoCorrect Options menu
from the screen.
Do I need to remove the AutoCorrect
Options button from the screen?
No. When you move the mouse pointer, the AutoCorrect Options button will disappear from
the screen. If, for some reason, you wanted to remove the AutoCorrect Options button from
the screen, you could press the ESCAPE key a second time.
Figure 2–24
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