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Typing the Research Paper Text WD 93
To Create an AutoCorrect Entry
In addition to the predefi ned list of AutoCorrect spelling, capitalization, and grammar errors, you can create
your own AutoCorrect entries to add to the list. For example, if you tend to type the word mobile as moble, you
should create an AutoCorrect entry for it. The following steps create an AutoCorrect entry.
Click the Offi ce Button
to display the Offi ce
Button menu
(Figure 2–25).
Offi ce Button
Offi ce Button
Word Options
Figure 2–25
Click the Word
Options button
on the Offi ce
Button menu to
display the Word
Options dialog box.
Word Options
dialog box
right pane displays
options related to
command selected
in left pane
Proofi ng
AutoCorrect dialog box
Click Proofi ng in the
left pane to display
proofi ng options in
the right pane.
left pane
Click the AutoCorrect
Options button in the
right pane to display
the AutoCorrect
dialog box.
correct spelling entered
in With text box
alphabetical list of
currently defi ned
AutoCorrect entries
misspelled word
entered in Replace
text box
When Word displays
the AutoCorrect
dialog box, type
moble in the Replace
text box.
Add button
OK button
OK button
Press the TAB key and
then type mobile
in the With text box
(Figure 2–26).
Figure 2–26
Click the Add button in the AutoCorrect dialog box. (If your dialog box displays a Replace button
instead, click it and then click the Yes button in the Microsoft Offi ce Word dialog box.)
Click the OK button to add the entry alphabetically to the list of words to correct automatically
as you type.
Click the OK button in the Word Options dialog box.
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