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Typing the Research Paper Text WD 95
Reference all sources.
During your research, be sure to record essential publication information about each of your
sources. Following is a sample list of types of required information.
• Book: full name of author(s), complete title of book, edition (if available), volume (if
available), publication city, publication year
• Magazine: full name of author(s), complete title of article, magazine title, date of magazine,
page numbers of article
• Web site: full name of author(s), title of Web site, date viewed, Web address
Word provides tools to assist you with inserting citations in a paper and later generating
a list of sources from the citations. With a documentation style selected, Word automatically
formats the citations and list of sources. The process for adding citations in Word is as
1. Modify the documentation style, if necessary.
2. Insert a citation placeholder.
3. Enter the source information for the citation.
You can combine Steps 2 and 3, where you insert the citation placeholder and enter
the source information at once. Or, you can insert the citation placeholder as you write
and then enter the source information for the citation at a later time. While entering the
research paper in this chapter, you will use both methods.
To Change the Bibliography Style
The fi rst step in inserting a citation is to be sure the citations and sources will be formatted using the
correct documentation style, called the bibliography style in Word. The following steps change the specifi ed
documentation style.
Click References on
the Ribbon to
display the
References tab.
References tab
Style box arrow
Click the
Bibliography Style
box arrow on the
References tab to
display a gallery of
predefi ned
documentation styles
(Figure 2–27).
gallery of
predefi ned
MLA to be
fi rst line of subsequent
paragraph indented
automatically when
you pressed ENTER key
paragraph mark
indicates ENTER
key was pressed
Click MLA in the
Bibliography Style
gallery to change
the documentation
style to MLA.
fi rst part of
Figure 2–27
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