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Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
To Insert a Citation and Create Its Source
With the documentation style selected, the next task is to insert a citation placeholder and enter the source
information. You can accomplish these steps at once by instructing Word to add a new source. The following steps
add a new source for a magazine (periodical) article.
Click the Insert Citation button
on the References tab to display
the Insert Citation menu
(Figure 2–28).
Insert Citation
style changed
to MLA
Add New Source
Insert Citation
Figure 2–28
Click Add New Source on the
Insert Citation menu to display
the Create Source dialog box
(Figure 2–29).
Create Source
dialog box
source displayed in Type of
Source box controls which
fi elds are displayed in dialog
box — your source may differ
Type of Source
box arrow
What are the Bibliography Fields
in the Create Source dialog box?
A fi eld is a placeholder for
data whose contents can
change. You enter data in
some fi elds; Word supplies
data for others. In this case,
you enter the contents of the
fi elds for a particular source, for
example, the author name in the
Author fi eld.
list of Bibliography Fields
changes, depending on
the source selected in the
Type of Source box
Click the Type of Source box
arrow and then click one of the
source types in the list, so that
you can see how the list of fi elds
changes to refl ect the source type
you selected.
Figure 2–29
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