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Typing the Research Paper Text WD 99
To Enter More Text
The next step is to continue typing text in the research paper up to the location of
the footnote.
1 Press the SPACEBAR .
2 Type these three sentences (Figure 2–35): Through text messaging services, users
send and receive short text messages, which usually consist of fewer
than 300 characters. Wireless instant messaging is an Internet
communications service that allows a wireless mobile device to
exchange instant messages with one or more mobile devices or online
personal computers. Users send graphics, pictures, video clips, sound
fi les, and short text messages with picture messaging services.
Edit a Source
To edit a source, click
somewhere in the
citation, click the Citation
Options box arrow, and
then click Edit Source
on the Citation Options
menu to display the Edit
Source dialog box (which
resembles the Create
Source dialog box). Make
necessary changes and
then click the OK button.
citation complete
with page
Figure 2–35
As discussed earlier in this chapter, explanatory notes are optional in the MLA
documentation style. They are used primarily to elaborate on points discussed in the body
of a research paper. The MLA style specifi es that a superscript (raised number) be used for
a note reference mark to signal that an explanatory note exists either at the bottom of
the page as a footnote or at the end of the document as an endnote .
In Word, note text can be any length and format. Word automatically numbers
notes sequentially by placing a note reference mark in the body of the document and also
to the left of the note text. If you insert, rearrange, or remove notes, Word renumbers any
subsequent note reference marks according to their new sequence in the document.
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