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WD 100
Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
To Insert a Footnote Reference Mark
The following step inserts a footnote reference mark in the document at the location of the insertion point
and also at the location where the footnote text will be typed.
With the insertion
point positioned
as shown in
Figure 2–35 on
the previous page,
click the Insert
Footnote button on
the References tab
to display a note
reference mark (a
superscripted 1) in
two places: (1) in the
document window
at the location of the
insertion point and
(2) at the bottom of
the page where the
footnote will be
positioned, just
below a separator
line (Figure 2–36).
References tab
Insert Endnote
What if I wanted
explanatory notes
to be positioned as
endnotes instead of
as footnotes?
You would click
the Insert Endnote
button on the
References tab,
which places the
separator line and
the endnote text
at the end of the
document, instead of the
bottom of the page containing the reference.
note reference mark is
displayed, by default,
superscripted in document
window and in note text area
footnote text will
be typed here
separator line, which automatically is inserted,
divides document text from note text
Figure 2–36
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + ALT + F
To Enter Footnote Text
The next step is to type the footnote text to the right of the note reference mark
below the separator line.
1 Type the footnote text up to the citation: Podpora and Ruiz indicate that some
messaging services use the term, video messaging, to refer separately
to the capability of sending video clips and then press the SPACEBAR .
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