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WD 108
Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
To Enter More Text and Insert a Citation Placeholder
The next task is to type the fourth paragraph in the body of the research paper.
1 With the insertion point positioned at the end of the third paragraph as shown in
Figure 2–45 on the previous page, press the ENTER key. Type the fourth paragraph of the research
paper (Figure 2–46): A global positioning system (GPS) is a navigation system
that consists of one or more earth-based receivers that accept and analyze
signals sent by satellites in order to determine the receiver’s geographic
location, according to Shelly and Cashman and then press the SPACEBAR .
2 Click the Insert Citation button on the References tab to display the Insert Citation menu.
Click Add New Placeholder on the Insert Citation menu to display the Placeholder Name
dialog box.
3 Type Shelly as the tag name for the source.
4 Click the OK button to close the dialog box and insert the tag name in the citation
Page Break Locations
As you type, your
page break may occur
at different locations
depending on Word
settings and the type of
printer connected to the
5 Press the PERIOD key to end the sentence. Press the SPACEBAR . Type A GPS receiver is
a handheld, mountable, or embedded device that contains an antenna, a
radio receiver, and a processor. Many mobile devices, such as mobile
phones and PDAs, have GPS capability built into the device.
6 Press the ENTER key.
footnote remains
at bottom of
fi rst page
spans two pages
correct page
appears in header
page break
citation entered
point now
on page 2
word count now
meets minimum
Figure 2–46
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