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Typing the Research Paper Text WD 109
To Edit a Source
When you typed the fourth paragraph of the research paper, you inserted a citation
placeholder, Shelly, for the source. You now have the source information, which is for a
Web site, and are ready to enter it. The following steps edit the source for the Shelly
citation placeholder.
1 Click somewhere in the citation placeholder to be edited, in this case (Shelly), to select the
citation placeholder.
2 Click the Citation Options box arrow to display the Citation Options menu.
3 Click Edit Source on the Citation Options menu to display the Edit Source dialog box.
4 If necessary, click the Type of Source box arrow, scroll to and then click Web site, so that
the list shows fi elds required for a Web site.
5 Place a check mark in the Show All Bibliography Fields check box to display more fi elds
related to Web sites.
6 Click the Author text box. Type Shelly, Gary B., and Thomas J. Cashman as
the author.
7 Click the Name of Web Page text box. Type How a GPS Works as the Web page title.
8 Click the Production Company text box. Type Course Technology as the production
9 Click the Year Accessed text box. Type 2008 as the year.
10 Press the TAB key and then type March as the month accessed.
What if some of the text boxes disappear as I enter the Web site fi elds?
With the Show All Bibliography Fields check box selected, all Web site fi elds may not be
able to be displayed in the dialog box at the same time. In this case, some may scroll up.
11 Press the TAB key
and then type 21 as
the day accessed.
Edit Source
dialog box
Type of Source
box arrow
12 Press the TAB key and then type
pr2/wc.htm as the URL
(Figure 2–47).
13 Click the OK button to close
the dialog box and create
the source.
displayed fi elds
relate to Web
site sources
Show All
Fields check
box is selected
OK button
Citation Options
box arrow
Figure 2–47
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