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Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
To Edit a Citation
As mentioned earlier, if you reference the author’s name in the text, you should not
list it again in the parenthetical citation. For Web site citations, when you suppress the
author’s name, the citation shows the Web site name because page numbers do not apply.
The following steps edit the citation, suppressing the author and displaying the name of
the Web site.
1 If necessary, click the somewhere in citation to be edited, in this case (Shelly), to select the
citation and display the Citation Options box arrow.
2 Click the Citation Options box arrow and then click Edit Citation on the Citation Options
menu to display the Edit Citation dialog box.
3 Click the Author check box to place a check mark in it (Figure 2–48).
4 Click the OK button to close the dialog box, remove the author name from the citation,
and show the name of the Web site in the citation.
Edit Citation
dialog box
Author check
box selected
OK button
box arrow
last paragraph
will be
entered here
Figure 2–48
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