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Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
To Page Break Manually
The works cited are to be displayed on a separate numbered page. Thus, you must insert a manual page break
following the body of the research paper so that the list of sources is displayed on a separate page. A manual page
break , or hard page break , is one that you force into the document at a specifi c location.
Word never moves or adjusts manual page breaks; however, Word adjusts any automatic page breaks that
follow a manual page break. Word inserts manual page breaks immediately above the location of the insertion point.
The following step inserts a manual page break after the text of the research paper.
With the insertion point at the
end of the text of the research
paper, press the ENTER key.
bottom of
page 2
correct page
appears in header
page break
Then, press CTRL + ENTER to insert a
manual page break immediately
above the insertion point and
position the insertion point
immediately below the manual
page break (Figure 2–50).
point on
page 3
Scroll to position the top of the
third page closer to the ruler.
Figure 2–50
Other Ways
1. Click Page Break button
on Insert tab
To Center the Title of the Works Cited Page
The works cited title is to be centered between the margins of the paper. If you simply
issue the Center command, the title will not be centered properly. Instead, it will be one-half
inch to the right of the center point because earlier you set fi rst-line indent at one-half inch.
Recall that Word is indenting the fi rst line of every paragraph one-half inch.
To properly center the title of the works cited page, you must move the First Line
Indent marker back to the left margin before centering the paragraph.
Drag the First Line
Indent marker to the
0” mark on the ruler,
which is at the left
margin, to remove
the fi rst-line indent
First Line Indent
marker moved to
left margin
right margin
Press CTRL + E to
center the
paragraph mark.
title centered
and typed
Type Works Cited
as the title.
Press the ENTER key.
Figure 2–51
Press CTRL + L to
left-align the paragraph
mark (Figure 2–51).
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