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Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
To Modify a Style Using the Styles Task Pane
Although the format within each entry in the bibliographical list meets the MLA style, the paragraph formatting
does not. Currently, entries are based on the Normal style, which does not have the correct line or paragraph spacing.
Thus, you will modify the style so that it is based on the No Spacing style (no blank space before or after a paragraph)
and change its line spacing to double. The following steps modify the Bibliography style.
Click somewhere in
the list of sources to
position the insertion
point in a paragraph
formatted with the
Bibliography style.
Home tab
Styles Dialog
Box Launcher
Home tab
task pane
Why did the list of
sources turn gray?
The entire list of
sources is a fi eld that
Word automatically
updates each time
you make a change
to one of the sources.
Word, by default,
shades fi elds gray on
the screen to help
you identify them.
The gray shading,
however, will not
appear in the printed
insertion point
Word shades fi elds
gray when the
insertion point is
in the fi eld
Click Home on the
Ribbon to display the
Home tab.
box arrow
Click the Styles
Dialog Box Launcher
to display the Styles
task pane.
If necessary, scroll to
Bibliography in the
Styles task pane. Click
Bibliography to select it,
if necessary, and then click its box arrow to display the Bibliography menu (Figure 2–54).
Figure 2–54
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