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Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
To Create a Hanging Indent
Currently, the fi rst line of each source entry begins at the left margin. Subsequent lines in the same paragraph
are to be indented one-half inch from the left margin. In essence, the fi rst line hangs to the left of the rest of the
paragraph; thus, this type of paragraph formatting is called a hanging indent .
One method of creating a hanging indent is to use the horizontal ruler. The Hanging Indent marker is the
bottom triangle at the 0” mark on the ruler (Figure 2–57). The following steps create a hanging indent using the
horizontal ruler.
With the insertion point in the
paragraph to format, point to the
Hanging Indent marker on the
ruler (Figure 2–57).
Hanging Indent marker
second line in
paragraph should
be indented
one-half inch
insertion point
Drag the Hanging Indent marker
to the .5” mark on the ruler to set
the hanging indent to one-half
inch from the left margin
(Figure 2–58).
Why were all three bibliographical
paragraphs formatted with a
hanging indent?
When you make a change to
a paragraph based on the
Bibliography style, the
style is updated and all
paragraphs based on
that style also change
because you selected
the Automatically
update check box in the Modify
Style dialog box (shown in
Figure 2–55 on the previous page).
Figure 2–57
First Line Indent
marker remains
at left margin
Hanging Indent
marker positioned
.5” from left margin
Left Indent
marker moves
with the Hanging
Indent marker
Other Ways
1. Right-click paragraph,
click Paragraph on
shortcut menu, click
Indents and Spacing
tab, click Special box
arrow, click Hanging,
click OK button
2. Click Paragraph Dialog
Box Launcher, click
Indents and Spacing
tab, click Special box
arrow, click Hanging,
click OK button
3. Press CTRL + T
second line in
one-half inch
Figure 2–58
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