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Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
Find and Replace Dialog Box
The Replace All button in the Find and Replace dialog box replaces all occurrences
of the Find what text with the Replace with text. In some cases, you may want to replace
only certain occurrences of a word or phrase, not all of them. To instruct Word to confi rm
each change, click the Find Next button in the Find and Replace dialog box (Figure 2–70 on
the previous page), instead of the Replace All button. When Word locates an occurrence of
the text, it pauses and waits for you to click either the Replace button or the Find Next button.
Clicking the Replace button changes the text; clicking the Find Next button instructs Word
to disregard the replacement and look for the next occurrence of the Find what text.
If you accidentally replace the wrong text, you can undo a replacement by clicking the
Undo button on the Standard toolbar. If you used the Replace All button, Word undoes
all replacements. If you used the Replace button, Word undoes only the most recent
Sometimes, you may want only to fi nd text, instead of fi nding and replacing text. To
search for just a single occurrence of text, you would follow these steps.
1. Click the Find button on the Home tab; or click the Select Browse Object button on
the vertical scroll bar and then click the Find icon on the Select Browse Object menu; or
click the page indicator on the status bar and then click the Find tab; or press CTRL + F .
2. Type the text to locate in the Find what text box and then click the Find Next button.
To edit the text, click the Cancel button in the Find and Replace dialog box; to fi nd the
next occurrence of the text, click the Find Next button.
Finding Formatting
To search for formatting
or a special character,
click the More button
in the Find dialog box.
To fi nd formatting, use
the Format button in the
Find dialog box. To fi nd a
special character, use the
Special button.
To Find and Insert a Synonym
When writing, you may discover that you used the same word in multiple locations or that a word you used
was not quite appropriate. In these instances, you will want to look up a synonym , or a word similar in meaning, to
the duplicate or inappropriate word. A thesaurus is a book of synonyms. Word provides synonyms and a thesaurus
for your convenience.
In this project, you would like a synonym for the word, proper, in the fi rst paragraph of the research paper.
The following steps show how to fi nd a suitable synonym.
Right-click the word
for which you want
to fi nd a synonym
(in this case, proper)
to display a shortcut
menu related to
the word you
Mini toolbar
point in
word to be
looked up
synonym to
be selected
Point to Synonyms
on the shortcut
menu to display a list
of synonyms for
the word you
rightclicked (Figure 2–71).
list of
clicking Thesaurus
command displays
Research task pane
Figure 2–71
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