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Proofi ng and Revising the Research Paper WD 125
Click the synonym you want
(appropriate) on the Synonyms
submenu to replace the word,
proper, in the document with the
word, appropriate (Figure 2–72).
What if the synonyms list on the
shortcut menu does not display a
suitable word?
You can display the thesaurus in
the Research task pane by
clicking Thesaurus on the Synonyms
submenu. The Research task pane
displays a complete thesaurus, in
which you can look up synonyms for
various meanings of a word. You also can look up an antonym , or word with an opposite meaning. The Research task
pane is discussed later in this chapter.
word, proper,
changed to
Figure 2–72
Other Ways
1. Click Thesaurus on
Review tab
2. Press SHIFT + F 7
To Check Spelling and Grammar at Once
As discussed in Chapter 1, Word checks spelling and grammar as you type and places a wavy underline below
possible spelling or grammar errors. Chapter 1 illustrated how to check these fl agged words immediately. As an
alternative, you can wait and check the entire document for spelling and grammar errors at once.
In the following example the word, world, has been misspelled intentionally as wrld to illustrate the use of
Word’s check spelling and grammar at once feature. If you are completing this project on a personal computer, your
research paper may contain different misspelled words, depending on the accuracy of your typing.
because you want
the spelling and
grammar check to
begin from the top
of the document.
Spelling &
Grammar button
Review tab
Spelling and Grammar
dialog box appears when
spelling or grammar
error is detected
Click Review on the
Ribbon to display the
Review tab.
Click the Spelling &
Grammar button on
the Review tab to
begin the spelling
and grammar check
at the location of
the insertion point,
which in this case,
is at the beginning
of the document
(Figure 2–73).
the word, wrld,
not found in
list of suggestions
for fl agged word
Figure 2–73
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