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Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
To Use the Research Task Pane to Look Up Information
From within Word, you can search through various forms of reference information. Earlier, this chapter
discussed the Research task pane with respect to looking up a synonym in a thesaurus. Other services available in the
Research task pane include a dictionary and if you are connected to the Web, an encyclopedia, a search engine, and
other Web sites that provide information such as stock quotes, news articles, and company profi les.
Assume want to know more about the acronym, PDA. The following steps use the Research task pane to look
up information about a word.
While holding down the ALT
key, click the word you want to
look up (in this case, PDAs) to
open the Research task pane and
display a dictionary entry for the
ALT + CLICKED word. Release the
ALT key (Figure 2–75).
task pane
is displayed in
Search for text box
If the Research task pane does
not display a dictionary entry for
the ALT + CLICKED word, click the
Search for box arrow and then
click All Reference Books.
All Reference Books
searches through
dictionaries and
for box
defi nition of ALT+CLICKED
word — your entry may
differ depending on
research options settings
insertion point in word
red X changed to blue
check mark because
document contains no
spelling or grammar errors
Figure 2–75
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