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Proofi ng and Revising the Research Paper WD 129
Click the Search for box arrow and
then click All Research Sites in the
list to display Web sites with
information about the ALT + CLICKED
word (Figure 2–76).
Research task
pane Close
Can I copy information from the
Research task pane into my
Yes, you can use the Copy and
Paste commands. When using
Word to insert material from the
Research task pane or any other
online reference, however, be very
careful not to plagiarize.
All Research Sites
searches through
selected Web sites
for box
encyclopedia entry for
— your entry may differ
depending on research
Click the Close button in the
Research task pane.
clicking plus sign to left of entries
will display more Web sites related to
ALT+CLICKED word — your entry may differ
depending on research options settings
Research options link allows you to
specify the research services (books
and Web sites) Word will use when
searching via the Research task pane
Figure 2–76
Other Ways
1. Click Insert Citation
button on References
tab, click Search
Research Task Pane Options
When you install Word, it selects a series of services (reference books and Web
sites) through which it searches when you use the Research task pane. You can view,
modify, and update the list of services at any time.
Clicking the Research options link at the bottom of the Research task pane
displays the Research Options dialog box, where you can view or modify the list of installed
services. You can view information about any installed service by clicking the service in
the list and then clicking the Properties button. To activate an installed service, click the
check box to its left; likewise, to deactivate a service, remove the check mark. To add a
particular Web site to the list, click the Add Services button, enter the Web address in the
Address text box, and then click the Add button in the Add Services dialog box. To update
or remove services, click the Update/Remove button, select the service in the list, click
the Update (or Remove) button in the Update or Remove Services dialog box, and then
click the Close button. You also can install parental controls, if minor children use Word,
through the Parental Control button in the Research Options dialog box.
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