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Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
To Change Document Properties
Before saving the research paper again, you want to add your name, course information,
and some keywords as document properties. The following steps use the Document
Information Panel to change document properties.
1 Click the Offi ce Button to display the Offi ce Button menu, point to Prepare on the Offi ce
Button menu, and then click Properties on the Prepare submenu to display the Document
Information Panel.
2 Click the Author text box, if necessary, and then type your name as the Author property. If
a name already is displayed in the Author text box, delete it before typing your name.
3 Click the Subject text box, if necessary delete any existing text, and then type your course
and section as the Subject property.
Conserving Ink and
You can instruct
Word to print draft
quality documents to
conserve ink or toner
by clicking the Offi ce
Button, clicking the
Word Options button,
clicking Advanced in the
left pane of the Word
Options dialog box,
scrolling to the Print
area, placing a check
mark in the ‘Use draft
quality’ check box, and
then clicking the
OK button. Click the
Offi ce Button, point
to Print, and then click
Quick Print.
4 Click the Keywords text box, if necessary delete any existing text, and then type instant
messaging, Internet access points, global positioning systems as the
Keywords property.
5 Click the Close the Document Information Panel button so that the Document Information
Panel no longer is displayed.
To Save an Existing Document with the Same File Name
The document now is complete. You should save the research paper again. The
following step saves the document again.
1 Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to overwrite the previous Wireless
Communications Paper fi le on the USB fl ash drive.
To Print Document Properties and then the Document
With the document properties entered and the completed document saved, you may want to print the document
properties along with the document. The following steps print the document properties, followed by the contents of
the saved Wireless Communications Paper project.
Click the Offi ce Button to display
the Offi ce Button menu and then
point to Print on the Offi ce Button
menu to display the Print submenu
(Figure 2–77).
Offi ce Button
Print command on
Print submenu
Print Preview
command allows you
to see a document
before printing it
Figure 2–77
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