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WD 132
Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
To Quit Word
Certifi cation
The Microsoft Certifi ed
Application Specialist
(MCAS) program provides
an opportunity for you to
obtain a valuable industry
credential – proof that you
have the Word 2007 skills
required by employers.
For more information, see
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This project is complete. The following steps quit Word.
1 Click the Close button on the right side of the title bar to quit Word.
2 If necessary, click the Yes button in the Microsoft Offi ce Word dialog box so that any
changes you have made are saved.
Chapter Summary
In this chapter you have learned how to change document settings, use headers to number pages, create and modify
styles, insert and edit citations and their sources, add footnotes, create a bibliographical list of sources, and use the
Research task pane. The items listed below include all the new Word skills you have learned in this chapter.
1. Double-Space Text (WD 78)
2. Remove Space after a Paragraph (WD 79)
3. Switch to the Header (WD 80)
4. Right-Align a Paragraph (WD 81)
5. Insert a Page Number (WD 82)
6. Close the Header (WD 83)
7. Click and Type (WD 85)
8. Display the Rulers (WD 87)
9. First-Line Indent Paragraphs (WD 88)
10. Create a Quick Style (WD 90)
11. AutoCorrect as You Type (WD 91)
12. Use the AutoCorrect Options Button (WD 92)
13. Create an AutoCorrect Entry (WD 93)
14. Change the Bibliography Style (WD 95)
15. Insert a Citation and Create Its Source (WD 96)
16. Edit a Citation (WD 98)
17. Insert a Footnote Reference Mark (WD 100)
18. Insert a Citation Placeholder (WD 101)
19. Modify a Style Using a Shortcut Menu (WD 102)
20. Edit a Source (WD 104)
21. Count Words (WD 107)
22. Page Break Manually (WD 112)
23. Create the Bibliographical List (WD 113)
24. Modify a Style Using the Styles Task Pane (WD 114)
25. Create a Hanging Indent (WD 116)
26. Modify a Source and Update the Bibliographical
List (WD 117)
27. Use the Select Browse Object Menu (WD 118)
28. Select a Sentence (WD 120)
29. Move Selected Text (WD 121)
30. Display the Paste Options Menu (WD 122)
31. Find and Replace Text (WD 123)
32. Find Text (WD 124)
33. Find and Insert a Synonym (WD 124)
34. Check Spelling and Grammar at Once (WD 125)
35. View or Modify Entries in a Custom Dictionary
(WD 127)
36. Set the Default Custom Dictionary (WD 127)
37. Use the Research Task Pane to Look Up
Information (WD 128)
38. Print Document Properties and then the
Document (WD 130)
If you have a SAM user profi le, you may have access to hands-on instruction, practice, and
assessment. Log in to your SAM account ( to launch any assigned
training activities or exams that relate to the skills covered in this chapter.
Quick Reference
For a table that lists how to complete the tasks
covered in this topic using the mouse, Ribbon,
shortcut menu, and keyboard, see the Quick
Reference Summary at the back of this topic, or
visit the Word 2007 Quick Reference Web page
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