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WD 134
Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
Apply Your Knowledge continued
No Spacing style applied to
fi rst paragraph in header
fi rst line of each paragraph
indented one-half inch
header paragraphs
page number
double-spaced; space
after paragraphs
Figure 2–80
6. With the paragraphs still selected, use Line spacing box arrow to remove extra space below (after)
the paragraphs. Click anywhere to remove the selection.
7. Use the Find and Replace dialog box to replace all occurrences of the word, Internet, with the
word, Web. How many replacements were made?
8. Use Word’s thesaurus to change the word, incorporated, to the word, integrated, in the fi rst
sentence of the second paragraph.
9. Switch to the header so you can edit it. In the fi rst line of the header, change the word, Draft, to
the word, Modifi ed, so it reads: Software Paragraphs Modifi ed. Change the fi rst line of the header
from the Normal style to the No Spacing style.
10. In the second line of the header, insert and center the page number (with no formatting) one space
after the word, Page.
11. Change the alignment of both lines of text in the header from left-aligned to right-aligned. Switch
back to the document text.
12. Change the document properties, as specifi ed by your instructor.
13. Click the Offi ce Button and then click Save As. Save the document using the fi le name, Apply 2-1
Software Paragraphs Modifi ed.
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