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Figure 2–82
4. Insert the following footnote with the note reference at an appropriate place in the paper,
formatted according to the MLA style: Debbins points out that, as an additional bonus, some
certifi cation training can be used for college credit. The citation for this footnote should be at the
end of the footnote. The source information is as follows: book named Preparing for the Future:
IT Strategies , authored by Floyd I. Debbins, published in 2008 at IT World Press in Boston,
pages 99-104. Edit the citation so it only displays page numbers.
5. Use the Select Browse Object button to go to page 3. Be sure the bibliographical list on the Works
Cited page contains all three entries. If necessary, use the F 9 key to update the bibliographical list.
Format the bibliographical paragraphs with a one-half inch hanging indent.
6. Use the Select Browse Object button to go to the footnote. Be sure the footnote is formatted
7. Change the document properties, as specifi ed by your instructor. Save the revised document with a
new fi le name and then submit it in the format specifi ed by your instructor.
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