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Figure 2–84 (continued)
Instructions: Perform the following tasks:
1. Adjust line spacing to double and remove space below (after) paragraphs. Create a header to
number pages. Type the name and course information at the left margin. Center and type the title.
Set fi rst-line indent for paragraphs in the body of the research paper. Create a Quick Style for the
research paper paragraphs.
2. Type the research paper as shown in Figures 2–84a and 2–84b. Add the footnote as shown in
Figure 2–84a. Change the Footnote Text style to the format specifi ed in the MLA style. As you
insert citations, use the following source information:
a. Type of Source: Periodical
Author: Bulowski, Dana
Title: Protection and Precaution: Keeping Your Computer Healthy
Periodical Title: Computing Today
Year: 2008
Month: February
Pages 55-61
b. Type of Source: Book
Author: Karanos, Hector
Title: Internet Security
Year: 2008
City: Indianapolis
Publisher: Citywide Cyber Press
c. Type of Source: Document From Web site
Author: Shelly, Gary B., and Thomas J. Cashman
Name of Web page: Antivirus Programs
Production Company: Course Technology
Year Accessed: 2008
Month Accessed: February
Day Accessed: 7
3. At the end of the research paper text, press the ENTER key once and insert a manual page break so
the Works Cited page begins on a new page. Enter and format the works cited title. Use Word to
insert the bibliographical list. Format the paragraphs in the list with a hanging indent.
4. Check the spelling and grammar of the paper.
5. Save the document on a USB fl ash drive using Lab 2-2 Antivirus Programs Paper as the fi le name.
6. Print the research paper. Handwrite the number of words, including the footnotes, in the research
paper above the title of your printed research paper.
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