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Word Chapter 2 Creating a Research Paper
Cases and Places continued
•• 5: Create a Research Paper about Spring Break Vacation Destinations
Working Together
With spring break just two months away, you and your fellow classmates are thinking about various
spring break vacation destinations. Many options are available. Should you vacation close to home
or travel across the country? Stay at a hotel, rent a condominium, or camp outdoors? Travel by car,
train, or airplane? Book through a travel agent or the Web? Each team member is to research the
attractions, accommodations, required transportation, and total cost of one spring break destination
by looking through newspapers, magazines, searching the Web, and/or visiting a travel agency. Each
team member is to write a minimum of 200 words summarizing his or her fi ndings. Each team member
also is to write at least one explanatory note and supply his or her source information for the citation
and bibliography. Then, the team should meet as a group to compose a research paper that includes all
team members’ write-ups. Start by copying and pasting the text into a single document and then write
an introduction and conclusion as a group. Use the documentation style specifi ed by your instructor to
format the paper. Check spelling and grammar of the fi nished paper. Set the default dictionary. If Word
fl ags any of your last names as an error, add the name(s) to the custom dictionary. Hand in printouts of
each team member’s original write-up, as well as the fi nal research paper.
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