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Creating a Letterhead WD 151
To Type Text
To begin creating the personal letterhead fi le in this chapter, type your name in the
document window. The following step types this fi rst line of text in the document.
1 Type Lana Halima Canaan and then press the ENTER key.
Why not type the name in all capital letters?
Studies show that all capital letters can be more diffi cult to read.
Mini Toolbar
Recall from Chapter 1 that the Mini toolbar, which automatically appears based on
certain tasks you perform, contains commands related to changing the appearance of text
in a document. All commands on the Mini toolbar also exist on the Ribbon.
When the Mini toolbar appears, it initially is transparent. If you do not use the
transparent Mini toolbar, it disappears from the screen. To use the Mini toolbar, move the
mouse pointer into the toolbar, which causes the Mini toolbar to change from a transparent
to a bright appearance. The following steps illustrate the use of the Mini toolbar.
To Use the Grow Font Button to Increase Font Size
You want the font size of the name to be larger than the rest of the text in the letterhead. In previous chapters,
you used the Font Size box arrow on the Home tab to change the font size of text. Word also provides a Grow Font
button, which increases the font size of selected text each time you click the button. The following steps use the
Grow Font button on the Mini toolbar to increase the font size of the name.
Move the mouse pointer
to the left of the line to be
selected (in this case, the line
containing your name) until
the mouse pointer changes to
a right-pointing block arrow,
and then click the mouse to
select the line (Figure 3–3).
Home tab
Show/Hide ¶
button selected
Mini toolbar
No Spacing
style selected
name entered
and selected
mouse pointer
is right-pointing
block arrow
Zoom level
Print Layout
button selected
Figure 3–3
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