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WD 152 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
Move the mouse pointer into the
transparent Mini toolbar, so that it
changes to a bright toolbar.
Repeatedly click the Grow Font
button on the Mini toolbar until the
Font Size box displays 20, for
20 point (Figure 3–4).
What if I click the Grow Font
button too many times and make
the font size too big?
Click the Shrink Font button until
the desired font size is displayed.
Grow Font
Shrink Font
bright Mini
Font Size box
displays 20
text changed to 20
point and still selected
Figure 3–4
Repeatedly click the Grow Font and
Shrink Font buttons on the Mini toolbar and watch the font size of the selected name change in
the document window. When you have fi nished experimenting, set the font size to 20 point.
Other Ways
1. Click Grow Font button
on Home tab
2. Press CTRL+>
To Color Text
The text in the letterhead is to be a shade of teal. The following steps change the color of the entered text.
With the text still selected and
the Mini toolbar still displaying,
click the Font Color button arrow
on the Mini toolbar to display the
Font Color gallery (Figure 3–5).
What if my Mini toolbar no longer
is displayed?
Use the Font Color button arrow
on the Home tab.
Font Color
button arrows
Automatic is the
default color, which
usually is black
text still
Font Color gallery
displays a list of
available font colors
color displayed on Font
Color button refl ects most
recently used font color;
your color may differ
font color to be
changed to Teal,
Accent 2, Darker 25%
Figure 3–5
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