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Creating a Letterhead WD 153
Click Teal, Accent 2, Darker 25%,
which is the sixth color in the fi fth
row in the Theme Colors area, to
change the color of the selected
text to a shade of teal.
Click the paragraph mark below
the name to deselect the text
and position the insertion point
on line 2 of the document
(Figure 3–6).
How would I change the text color
back to black?
If, for some reason, you wanted
to change the text color back to
black at this point, you would
select the text, click the Font Color
button arrow again, and then click Automatic on the Font Color gallery.
changed to a
shade of teal
Figure 3–6
Other Ways
1. Click the Font Color button
arrow on Home tab, click
desired color
2. Click Font Dialog Box
Launcher, click Font tab,
click Font color box arrow,
click desired color, click OK
To Insert Clip Art
Files containing graphical images, or graphics , are available from a variety of sources. In Chapter 1, you
inserted a digital picture taken with a digital camera into a document. In this project, you insert clip art , which is a
predefi ned graphic. In the Microsoft Offi ce programs, clip art is located in the Clip Organizer , which contains a
collection of clip art, photographs, sounds, and videos.
The letterhead in this project contains clip art of an apple on a stack of books (Figure 3–1 on page WD 147),
which represents Lana’s desire to be a instructor. Thus, the next steps insert clip art on line 2 of the letterhead
below the job seeker’s name.
With the insertion point on line 2
below the name, click Insert on the
Ribbon to display the Insert tab.
Insert tab
Clip Art
task pane
Click the Clip Art button on the
Insert tab to display the Clip Art
task pane.
What is a task pane?
A task pane is a separate window
that enables you to carry out some
Word tasks more effi ciently.
Clip Art
clip art to be
inserted at location
of insertion point
Search for
text box
text entered
If the Search for text box displays
text, drag through the text to
select it.
Type teacher in the Search for
text box (Figure 3–7).
Figure 3–7
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