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Creating a Letterhead WD 155
To Resize a Graphic Using the Size Dialog Box
In this project, the graphic is 35 percent of its original size. Instead of dragging the sizing handle to change the
graphic’s size, as you learned how to do in Chapter 1, you can use the Size dialog box to set exact size percentages. The
following steps resize a graphic using the Size dialog box.
With the graphic
still selected, click
the Size Dialog Box
Launcher on the
Format tab to
display the Size dialog
box (Figure 3–10).
What if Format tab
is not the active tab
on my Ribbon?
Double-click the
graphic or click
Format on the
Ribbon to display
the Format tab.
Format tab
Size Dialog
Box Launcher
Size dialog
Figure 3–10
In the Scale area, triple-click the
Height box to select it.
Width box
automatically changed
to 35% when you
pressed TAB key
value entered
in Height box
Type 35 and then press the TAB
key to display 35% in the Height
and Width boxes and resize the
selected graphic to 35 percent of
its original size (Figure 3–11).
Scale area
Lock aspect ratio
box causes height
and width to match
How do I know to use 35 percent for
the resized graphic?
The larger graphic consumed too
much room on the page. Try
various percentages to determine
the size that works best in the
letterhead design.
graphic resized
to 35% of its
original size
Close button
clicking Reset
button restores a
resized graphic to its
exact original size
Click the Close button in the Size
dialog box to close the dialog box.
Figure 3–11
Other Ways
1. Right-click graphic, click
Size on shortcut menu, click
Size tab, enter Height and
Width values, click Close
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