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To Set a Transparent Color in a Graphic
Although the graphic now is the right color scheme, it is diffi cult to distinguish the objects in the graphic
because they use shades of the same color. In Word, you can make one color in a graphic transparent, that is, remove
the color. In this project, you make the lighter shades of teal in the graphic transparent, which results in a graphic that
is teal and white — making the image easier to identify. The following steps set a transparent color in a graphic.
With the graphic still selected,
click the Recolor button on the
Format tab to display the Recolor
gallery (Figure 3–14).
Set Transparent
Color command
Figure 3–14
Click Set Transparent Color in the
Recolor gallery to display a pen
mouse pointer in the document
pen mouse pointer
positioned where
color should be
Position the pen mouse pointer
in the graphic where you want to
make the color transparent
(Figure 3–15).
Figure 3–15
Click the location in the graphic
where you want the color to be
transparent (Figure 3–16).
lighter shades
of teal made
insertion point
Press the END key to deselect the
graphic and move the insertion
point to the end of the line, which
is between the graphic and the
paragraph mark.
Figure 3–16
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