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WD 158 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
Using Tab Stops to Align Text
In the letterhead, the graphic of the apple and the stack of books is left-aligned
(Figure 3–16 on the previous page). The address, phone, and e-mail information in the
letterhead is to be positioned at the right margin on the same line. In Word, a paragraph
cannot be both left-aligned and right-aligned. If you click the Align Text Right button on
the Ribbon, for example, the graphic will be right-aligned. To place text at the right margin
of a left-aligned paragraph, you set a tab stop at the right margin. A tab stop is a location
on the horizontal ruler that tells Word where to position the insertion point when you
press the TAB key on the keyboard.
Leader Characters
You also can use the
Tabs dialog box to place
leader characters in the
empty space occupied
by a tab character.
Leader characters, such
as a series of dots, often
are used in a table of
contents to precede
page numbers.
To Display the Ruler
You want to see the location of tab stops on the horizontal ruler. The following step
displays the ruler in the document window.
1 If the rulers are not displayed already, click the View Ruler button on the vertical scroll bar.
To Set Custom Tab Stops Using the Tabs Dialog Box
Word, by default, places a tab stop at every .5" mark on the ruler (shown in Figure 3–17). These default tab
stops are indicated at the bottom of the horizontal ruler by small vertical tick marks. You also can set your own
custom tab stops.
The next step in creating the letterhead for this project is to set a custom tab stop at the right margin, that is,
at the 6.5" mark on the ruler, because you want the address, phone, and e-mail information at the right margin. One
method of setting custom tab stops is to click the ruler at the desired location of the tab stop. You cannot click,
however, at the right margin location. Thus, the following steps use the Tabs dialog box to set a custom tab stop.
With the insertion
point positioned
between the
paragraph mark and
the graphic, click the
Paragraph Dialog
Box Launcher to
display the
Paragraph dialog
box (Figure 3–17).
Paragraph Dialog
Box Launcher
dialog box
View Ruler
default tab
insertion point
Tabs button
Figure 3–17
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