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Creating a Letterhead WD 161
To Bottom Border a Paragraph
The letterhead in this project has a horizontal line that extends from the left margin to the right margin
immediately below the address, phone, and e-mail information. In Word, you can draw a solid line, called a
border , at any edge of a paragraph. That is, borders may be added above or below a paragraph, to the left
or right of a paragraph, or in any combination of these sides. The following steps add a bottom border to the
paragraph containing address, phone, and e-mail information.
With the insertion
point in the
paragraph to border,
click the Border
button arrow on the
Home tab to display
the Border gallery
(Figure 3–21).
button arrow
Bottom Border
to be selected
No Border
insertion point
in paragraph
to border
Figure 3–21
Click Bottom Border
in the Border gallery
to place a border
below the paragraph
containing the
insertion point
(Figure 3–22).
If the face of the
Border button
displays the border
icon I want to use,
can I click the Border
button instead of
using the Border
button arrow?
bottom border
icon displays
on face of
Border button
insertion point
bottom border
added to current
Figure 3–22
How would I remove an
existing border from a paragraph?
If, for some reason, you wanted to remove a border from a paragraph, you would position
the insertion point in the paragraph, click the Border button arrow on the Home tab, and
then click No Border (Figure 3–21) in the Border gallery.
Other Ways
1. Click Page Borders on Page
Layout tab, click Borders
tab in Borders and Shading
dialog box, select desired
border, click OK
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