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Creating a Cover Letter WD 165
If you wish to open a new document window that contains the contents of an existing
fi le, you would follow these steps.
1. Click the Offi ce Button and then click New to display the New Document dialog box.
2. Click ‘New from existing’ in the Templates area to display the New from Existing
Document dialog box.
3. If necessary, click the Look in box arrow and then locate and select the fi le from which
you wish to create a new fi le.
4. Click the Create New button.
Creating a Cover Letter
You have created a letterhead for the cover letter. The next step is to compose the cover
letter. The following pages use Word to compose a cover letter that contains a table and a
bulleted list.
Compose an effective cover letter.
You always should send a personalized cover letter with a resume. The cover letter should
highlight aspects of your background relevant to the position. To help you recall past
achievements and activities, keep a personal fi le containing documents that outline your
A cover letter is a type of business letter. When composing a business letter, you need to
be sure to include all essential elements and to decide which letter style to use.
Include all essential letter elements. All business letters, including cover letters, contain
the same basic elements. Essential business letter elements include the date line, inside
address, message, and signature block (shown in Figure 3–1 on page WD 147).
Determine which letter style to use. You can follow many different styles when creating
business letters. A letter style specifi es guidelines for the alignment and spacing of
elements in the business letter.
To Save the Document with a New File Name
The current open fi le has the name Canaan Letterhead, which is the name of the
personal letterhead. You want the letterhead to remain intact. Thus, the following steps
save the document with a new fi le name.
1 With a USB fl ash drive connected to one of the computer’s USB ports, click the Offi ce
Button to display the Offi ce Button menu and then click Save As on the Offi ce Button
menu to display the Save As dialog box.
2 Type Canaan Cover Letter in the File name text box to change the fi le name.
3 If necessary, click the Save in box arrow and then select the USB fl ash drive as the new
save location.
4 Click the Save button in the Save As dialog box to save the document on the USB fl ash
drive with the fi le name, Canaan Cover Letter.
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