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Creating a Cover Letter WD 167
To Set Custom Tab Stops Using the Ruler
The fi rst required element of the cover letter is the date line, which in this letter is to be positioned two lines
below the letterhead. The date line contains the month, day, and year, and begins 3.5 inches from the left margin, or
approximately one-half inch to the right of center. Thus, you should set a custom tab stop at the 3.5" mark on the
ruler. Earlier you used the Tabs dialog box to set a tab stop because you could not use the ruler to set a tab stop at
the right margin. The following steps set a left-aligned tab stop using the ruler.
With the insertion point on the
paragraph mark below the border,
press the ENTER key so that a blank
line appears between the letterhead
and the date line.
document saved
with name, Canaan
Cover Letter
If necessary, click the tab selector
at the left edge of the horizontal
ruler until it displays the Left
Tab icon.
Left Tab icon
appears in
tab selector
mouse pointer on
3.5" mark on ruler
Position the mouse pointer on
the 3.5" mark on the ruler
(Figure 3–27).
What is the purpose of the tab
Before using the ruler to set a tab
stop, you must ensure the correct
tab stop icon appears in the tab
selector. Each time you click the
tab selector, its icon changes. For a
list of the types of tab stops, see
Table 3–1 on page WD 160.
insertion point
one blank line
Figure 3–27
Click the 3.5" mark on the ruler to
place a left tab marker at that
location on the ruler (Figure 3–28).
left tab marker
indicates text you type
will be left-aligned at
this tab stop
What if I click the wrong location
on the ruler?
You can move a custom tab stop
by dragging the tab marker to the
desired location on the ruler. Or,
you can remove a custom tab stop
by pointing to the tab marker on
the ruler and then dragging the tab
marker down and out of the ruler.
clicking mouse on ruler
causes Word to place tab type
identifi ed in the tab selector
at the location clicked
Figure 3–28
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